Free website monitoring software, easy to set up and use for monitoring web sites. It is a web application programmed in Java programming language. You can monitor single web pages, multiple web pages, pages in sitemap and even your whole web site using spider (by integration with external application Link Checker). Naturally you can check multiple websites. You can check HTTP result codes and even contents of the checked pages.

Website checking is done periodically using build-in cron mechanism. In case of a check failure, application will automatically send email to site administrator(s).


  • Free software (open source)
  • Works everywhere (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Easy to set up
  • Website monitoring
  • Check single or multiple web pages
  • Check pages from sitemap
  • Periodic checking (cron)
  • Email notification
  • Check broken links on your site using spider
  • Check contents of web pages
  • Statistics


  1. install Java (if not already installed)
  2. download and unzip
  3. run start.bat (or start.sh on Linux)
  4. open in your browser monitoring homepage
  5. read readme.txt for additional configuration


download latest version, unzip it and read upgrade.pdf file


If you like this software, please add on your website this badge: This web site is monitored by FOSS Site monitoring application